Onboarded is building a company that deeply cares about our crew. Our mission and vision run deep within our collective experience to build trusted connections between workers and businesses.

Who we are

We're more than just another tech company; we're a driven crew with a mission. Born from 2022 in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, our roots are simple yet our ambitions run wild. From the Lake Tahoe HQ, we channel the mountain grit into the products we develop and the support we provide to workers.

our mission

At Onboarded, we believe that access to work is a human right. That's why we're streamlining the onboarding process and more, turning roadblocks into pathways. From seamless onboarding to efficient contract execution, our platform is designed to get people back to work, faster and smarter. Welcome to Onboarded!

Our team

Profile photo of Mike Johnson. Mike has reddish brown hair and is wearing dark sunglasses.
Mike Johnson
Co-Founder, CEO
Profile photo of Matt Wu. Matt has dark hair and smiles at the camera while wearing a dark blue suit and tie.
Matt Wu
Co-Founder, Product
Profile picture for Evan Paris. Evan has brown hair and looks at the camera with a serious expression. He is wearing a blue suit jacket with a tie.
Evan Paris
Growth and Strategy
Profile picture for Ben Jacobson. Ben wears glasses and has a very dark brown mustache and beard. He looks seriously at the camera. The background behind him appears AI generated and shows a mountain range with bright light coming from behind Ben's head.
Ben Jacobson
Profile Picture for Tyler Browne. Tyler looks like he is sitting in an airplane seat, with the window to his left/viewer right. He has light hair and a beard. He smiles with closed lips at the camera and wears a dark blue collared shirt with white buttons.
Tyler Browne
Legal, Compliance, & Operations
A profile picture of RyanMichael Hirst. RyanMichael smiles at the camera while wearing a dark shirt and a reddish jacket, with pink and red tones in the background.
RyanMichael Hirst
Zino Hu
Justin Hein
Solutions Engineer

Onboarded: Hiring and Compliance Infrastructure for Today's Workforce

Join us in transforming the future of onboarding. With Onboarded, experience the synergy of advanced technology and human-centric design. Get ready to onboard with confidence, compliance, and a touch of innovation.