Effortless Compliance with Employment Verification

Navigating the New Compliance Landscape of Form I-9

In today's fast-paced regulatory environment, Onboarded is transforming Form I-9 compliance. We're helping organizations modernize and adapt to trends like remote work with innovative solutions that prioritize both efficiency and security. Our platform redefines the entire compliance experience, offering a streamlined process that not only satisfies, but surpasses traditional requirements. Discover the future of I-9 and E-Verify  with Onboarded, where meeting the highest standards of compliance becomes effortless for your business.

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Key Features

Modern I-9 Features for Today's Workforce

Our platform offers flexible I-9 approaches for the modern workforce. Compliance tools for remote verifications, authorized representative reviewers, and continuous visibility into progress, means less time spent researching changes in the law, and more time engaging directly with your workforce.

User-Friendly Design

An intuitive and user-friendly design is your first line of compliance defense. Our I-9 experience guides employees through the entire process.

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Voter Registration Card

Issued by state goverments to registered voters, it serves as proof of identity and does not typical;y have an expiration date.


Integrating E-Verify with the I-9 collection process enhances compliance and operational efficiency, providing real-time updates and streamlining issue resolution directly within the Onboarded experience.

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Employment Authorized
Belinda George
Employment Authorized
Betty Randall
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Employment Authorized

Implemented Compliance

We monitor for changes in the law and guidance from relevant authorities, and deliver those updates directly within our I-9 experience. This means you get ongoing access our most up-to-date experiences.

Form I-94 receipt

Visibility & Audit Support

We prioritize complete visibility for both employee engagement and audit support. Detailed event logs enable meaningful engagement to keep employees on track, and to generate audit reports as needed.

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Enhancing Organizational Compliance

Our platform leverages compliance automation to streamline I-9 processes, embedding robust compliance controls within every step. We keep our systems up to date to support the most current regulations and guidance on allowable documentation. This allows employers to maximize their operational efficiency by minimizing manual oversight and potential errors.

Improved Candidate Experience

Navigating a complex document should not be a new employee's initial challenge. Our processes are designed to thoughtfully lead employees through gathering documents and entering information, removing the stress and confusion from a typical onboarding activity.


Our system boosts operational efficiency by streamlining the document review process.  Employees arrive with the correct documents, significantly reducing verification time for employers and facilitating a faster, more accurate onboarding process.

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Form I-766
Form I-766 (Employment Authorization Document or EAD)

Issued by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), Form I-766 authorizes non-U.S. citizens to work in the U.S. It has an expiration date, and a receipt for the application of a replacement can be used temporarily if the original is lost, stolen, or damaged, with the actual EAD required to be presented upon receipt.

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Structured data entry, in sync with the latest I-9 requirements, dramatically streamlines the verification process. Our system directs candidates to input accurate information into designated fields for specific documents, ensuring precision from the start.

Reduce Risk
of Non-Compliance

Our platform reduces non-compliance risk by staying updated with I-9 regulations and addressing issues like outdated forms, incorrect document classification, and oversight in document expiration tracking. Employee experiences and data logs defend against audits, lowering penalties and legal challenges.

Modern I-9 Compliance: Remote Verification & Efficiency

With remote work and digital transformations reshaping the workplace, employers are confronted with a new set of compliance challenges. Our platform is specifically designed to address these modern hurdles by offering a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates with the evolving work environment. Through meticulous attention to compliance controls and a user-centric design, we empower employers to navigate the complexities of I-9 compliance with greater confidence, ensuring both efficiency and adherence to federal regulations in a rapidly changing world.

Embrace Remote Verification with Confidence
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Authorized Representative Support

Transform Your Verification Process with Onboarded

Join the ranks of businesses that have upgraded their employment verification process with Onboarded. Our Stand-alone I-9 and E-Verify solutions are more than tools – they are pathways to efficient, compliant, and streamlined onboarding.