Announcing Onboarded's Compliance Library

April 29, 2024

Tyler Browne

Onboarded maintains a core set of employment onboarding experiences essential to getting people to work. These are common tasks—often tied to regulations and official forms—that most employers are all too familiar with (e.g., I-9, W-4, direct deposit, wage notices, benefits enrollment, etc.).

What’s different is that our experiences go well beyond “filling out a form”. Instead of providing access to documents, we provide curated workflows built to engage with the modern workforce. Experiences are tailored to the individual worker by pre-populating data, and information is collected logically, both reducing repetitive entry and confusion in the process.

We continually maintain these core experiences, ensuring they stay up-to-date. When a new official form is issued, or the law changes, our compliance team quickly ensures the experience is updated and accessible in our library. So instead of getting an alert that USCIS issued a new form– leaving you wondering what you should do with that information–we implement that new compliance reality directly into usable experiences. That’s implemented compliance.

Tailored compliance experiences

  • Work authorization (I-9): Carefully curated I-9 experiences for both employee input and employer review. Onboarded facilitates an easy-to-use document preparation phase for employees, significantly mitigating the risk of presenting ineligible documents during inspections. Visit our I-9 center for more.
  • Payroll & Income tax withholding: Supporting federal, state, and local payroll compliance with over 150 user-friendly experiences, including reciprocity agreements and servicemember exemptions. 
  • Background check disclosures and authorizations: Ensure the separate presentation of standalone disclosures and authorization documents. Stop lumping multiple (and often irrelevant) state disclosures together, creating candidate confusion. Leverage the compliance engine to provide custom disclosures tailored to your client’s preferred background check provider.
  • State & Local Wage Notices: Create custom wage notices and manage their delivery at scale. Automatically populate the experiences with employer and employee details.

Our experiences come with pre-built compliance logic to help employers deliver relevant content only. No more bloated onboarding packages that include every possible withholding document an employee might need, or background check disclosures for states with zero connection to the employee or job. We enable experiences to be presented based on what we know about an employee and the job. Some common examples include:

Custom compliance templates

Our library also includes a robust set of template experiences to ensure employers can provide the same level of care for their custom documents. Whether it’s an employee handbook, cell phone usage policy, or training and education materials, our templates provide the same degree of consumer-driven experience, backed with a robust audit trail to ensure you can demonstrate your compliance with internal and client policies. At the end of the day, compliance means much more than delivering content. The manner, emphasis, and clarity in delivery are key components to demonstrating more than a user's simple receipt of information. Onboarded provides critical UI groupings to assist in your development to ensure that information is being presented in a compliant manner that emphasizes understanding of the task. Read more about our approach to building experiences.